Australia’s Innovation Pathways: UIIM Special Edition is Out!

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Reflecting the nodes of the UIIN Australia Chapter, and in light of the recent 2019 University-Industry Engagement Conference held in Sydney,  this special edition of the University Industry Innovation Magazine features insights into university-business cooperation, entrepreneurship involving universities, cooperation in higher education as well as a focus on innovation districts. We kindly invite you to peek into the intro of the magazine from the Inaugural Co-Chairs of the UIIN Australia Chapter Carolin Plewa and Todd Davey

(R)evolution in the Australian university sector

Despite leading excellent academic assets, particularly in STEM disciplines, Australia has traditionally struggled to convert these strengths into strong technically-driven industries and a related long-term competitive advantage.

The launch of the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA in 2015), urged universities to adopt a ‘collaborate or crumble’ focus as an iteration on the traditional tenet of ‘publish or perish’. Never known to back down from a challenge, Australian universities have stepped up considerably, increasing their focus on external engagement as well as leadership in innovation precincts and entrepreneurship.

Indeed, in the last few years, Australia has embraced the need to create a more connected and functioning ecosystem comprising government, business and universities. With new academic and management positions opening up in areas such as entrepreneurship, innovation and engagement, as well as significant investment aimed at encouraging cross-sectoral cooperation, Australian universities, government and businesses are increasingly prioritizing university-industry engagement as a central engine for growth. One such initiative has been the launch of the UIIN Australia Chapter.

The Australian Chapter

The Australian Chapter was launched following the inaugural UIIN Asia-Pacific conference in Adelaide, in 2017. Aiming to support, encourage and develop engagement between universities, business and government for economic and societal benefit, the Chapter is open to anyone interested in jointly advancing university-industry engagement in Australia.

Some of the successes of the chapter have included Chapter forums in Sydney at the CSIRO and in Melbourne hosted by Deakin University, with both well attended by a passionate mix of engagement, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship professionals; the publishing of the Future Universities Thoughtbook Australia to imagine the Australian university of tomorrow; and the publication of the State of University-Business Cooperation in Australia reports as well as a Report on the Future of University-Business Cooperation.

Currently counting 54 individual and 12 institutional memberships from Australia, the community is growing. If you are interested in being involved, please feel free to contact us for further information.

The Australian Edition of the UIIN Magazine

Reflecting the nodes of the UIIN Australia Chapter, this edition of the UIIM features some great insights into university-business cooperation, entrepreneurship involving universities, cooperation in higher education as well as a focus on innovation districts. Furthermore, it extends learning to our neighbours, as the University of Auckland reports on its efforts to develop disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs.

UIIN would like to thank our contributors: Amelia Olsen-Boyd, Anita Kocsis, Carolin Pleva, Christine Thong, Ciannon Cazaly, Cobie Rudd, Habtamu Diriba, Jacyl Shaw, Jason Steinwedel , Jed Gunn , Jennifer Zanich , Margaret Hudson, Martin Bliemel, Maureen Reitze, Nathan Plummer, Pauliina Mattila, Philipp Dautel, Simon Cowman, Susan Stewart, Tim Boyle, Todd Davey, Tom Bentley, Vishaal Kishore, Wendy Kerr

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